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Elewys of Finchingefeld, GdS, JdL
Barony of Aquaterra, Kingdom of An Tir

This is a place to which I may post my research, my experiments, my successes...and yes, my failures...for medieval re-creation and research on my never-ending quest to learn and revel in knowledge and experiences.

I am a lady of many times and many places. Currently using a 15th century English name, dressing in a 10th century Danish dress, and camping in a Mongolian round house. "Lost" doesn't even begin to describe my persona.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Weaving!

New piece finished:

And another one started!  I will be working on this at Ursulmas in the Ursulwyk A&S area during the weekend.  I may bring some other things to work on, too, but only if I think I'll get bored with weaving.

Gotta round up all the pieces that I will be putting out for sale at Gypsy Caravan, label them with prices on my little SCA calling cards, and tie them on.

Then I have to pack up all the stuff for the weekend.  I'm planning, again, to bring all the Costumer's Guild stuff, although I didn't make any headway to finding judges for it.  If I happen to find a couple, I will see what I can do, but I'm not really planning on having anything happen.  Like I said before, if I don't bring it, people will ask and I will regret not having it with me.  If I do bring the stuff, and they don't ask, then I will have at least been prepared.  No regrets.

See you!

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