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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tyrssen's Tunics

I've been making tunics on commission.  Since the recipient is in Middle Kingdom and I'm in An Tir, it's an interesting arrangement.  We knew each other as pre-teens, but I moved away when I was 15 to a very small town 100 miles away.  I didn't hear from him again until a couple years ago, after the advent of social networking.  So here we are some 25 years later, both in the SCA, and I'm making tunics for him.  

He asked for detailed documentation, so I took pictures along the way.  Of course, you have to start with washing and drying the material.  This is especially true for linen since it has the tendency to shrink.  Next rule:  measure twice, cut once.  Luckily I did that...looking on the inside, you can see the pencil marks where I nearly cut it five inches too narrow.  Yeah.  Good catch.

Next laying out the pieces--first to make sure it looks right, and to make sure I have enough pieces cut out.  Two sleeves, two armpit gussets, four gores, front and back panels.  Check.

Sewed the pieces together and cut out the basic neckline.  I had a template for that left over from the previous "test" tunic (of which, I sadly have no pictures).  It was sent to the Midrealm to try on and ensure the fit.  A few adjustments were made and are reflected in this finished product.

Next up, finishing the seams.  This will extend the life of the garment through washing and wearing, prevent unraveling, and it just makes it look finished!  (PS - I love this camera.  I may have to steal it from my daughter....)

The finished garment!  I hope he likes it, and I hope it fits!  On its way to you soon, milord Tyrssen!


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