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This is a place to which I may post my research, my experiments, my successes...and yes, my failures...for medieval re-creation and research on my never-ending quest to learn and revel in knowledge and experiences.

I am a lady of many times and many places. Currently using a 15th century English name, dressing in a 10th century Danish dress, and camping in a Mongolian round house. "Lost" doesn't even begin to describe my persona.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Or is it Obsessive Compulsive behavior?

I warped up a small piece--about two yards--in black and white and red all over.  I was trying to re-create a woven piece I found online, but it appears that you need six hole cards to make it.  I don't have six hole cards.  :o(  Yet.  :o)  But I got out a spreadsheet and marked the colors in it and when I was satisfied, I strung it up and started weaving.  This is what I ended up with.  Not what I was aiming for, but it's still pretty.  I may donate it to some largesse or prize tourney.

When I pulled that off, I warped up a longer piece--all four yards--in red, purple and yellow of something that looks like Korba, but I put a dot in the center of the piece instead of the edges.  Maybe I'll call it "Zorba".  It's weaving up nicely and distracts me from some gloomy thoughts; a life-long friend of my sister's is very ill.  I've known her since I was about 3 years old, and she is the funniest, weirdest person I've ever met.  And I'm good with weird...I love weird!

Looking forward to doing more, but I think I need to order more Maysville carpet warp.  If anyone has ideas of other supplies I could use (other than crochet cotton, which is OK, but it's not light fast), please let me know!

Also, I need more patterns.  In particular, I want to see *period* patterns for four-hole cards without having to lay down huge piles of cash for out-of-print books.  I have the Crockett beginning cardweaving that everyone has, and put a few on my Amazon wish list, like Sara Lamb, Egon Hansen, Peter Collingwood, John Mullarkey (awesome name!), and Nancy Spies.  I have another of Nancy's books on the Modelbuch, and she *signed* it.  How awesome is that?  I didn't know that I was buying it from the author when I got it online!  Score!

I'm about 3/4 done with the Zorba piece.  I may donate this to Ursulmas largesse as well.


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