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Elewys of Finchingefeld, GdS, JdL
Barony of Aquaterra, Kingdom of An Tir

This is a place to which I may post my research, my experiments, my successes...and yes, my failures...for medieval re-creation and research on my never-ending quest to learn and revel in knowledge and experiences.

I am a lady of many times and many places. Currently using a 15th century English name, dressing in a 10th century Danish dress, and camping in a Mongolian round house. "Lost" doesn't even begin to describe my persona.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New weavings

I received an award last weekend from the Barony--the Blue Stag, which is a second-level arts award.  Huzzah me!  It reads, "Yet another of the numerous and talented artists and craftspeople has overly decorated, demonstrated, or contributed to our Barony, forcing us, Hauk & Rosamund, Baron and Baroness of Aquaterra, to take action and enter Elewys Cuylter of Finchingefeld into the Order of the Blue Stag, by our hand and seal this 3rd day of December, AS XLVI."  I thought that was great... "overly decorated..."  Sounds gaudy! 

I last showed the An Tir/Aquaterra piece made from 25 cards based on a pattern called Andred on the EQOS web site.

A few new pieces I've been working on...

This one I call "Waverly" due to its wavy pattern.  This is an experimental pattern that went different than planned, but it's still nice.
This one I call "Aquaterra" after the Barony's colors. The pattern is called "Acret" although I changed the arrangement of the colors out of necessity (not enough white available...I ordered some more which should be here by the middle of next week).

And this is my newest one using the same pattern as "Aquaterra" but re-arranging the light/dark colorway.  It's from the same pattern on EQOS's site, but a different colorway.  I love the reversible pattern that it creates.


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