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Friday, January 13, 2012

Another Post on Weaving

Finished the Khabeelah weave for Molly, which will find its home with her at Ursulmas.  I'm quite excited for selling my first commissioned piece, but am not quite sure how to price these things.  The materials are not greatly expensive, but merely time consuming.  While I could charge an hourly rate, no one would be able to afford the minimum wage set by our state, so instead I shall just take a stab at it.  I checked the offerings available on Etsy and decided that their prices are too high.  $45 and up for 2 yard pieces...I can't imagine spending that much on a belt or trim.

Once I removed Molly's trim, I began a new one for my daughter.  She chose the colors (red, black and white) and after receiving new spools of warp in the mail, I set about to find a pattern to use for her.  I wanted it to be pretty and yet bold.  I had to consult someone's patterns to make it since I am not yet able to create my own, at least not confidently.  Luckily, along with the new yarns came new books!

I pulled a pattern from the smaller Robin & Russ Handweavers' book, pattern #6.  While I like the wide variety of patterns in it, the book is a black and white photocopy (an "original" but still very grainy) and lacks many of the details that one would be able to get from crisp color pictures.  I may embark on a mission to make many of these bands and post them for later reference.  I have yet to look through much of Collingwood's book--just a cursory glance so far--but it is a hefty book with lots of patterns and images.  I'm quite impressed so far and hope to learn a lot from it.  There is still a lot of jargon and weaving techniques that I am not familiar with.

Still have to work some more on the Spring Ithra!

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